Search Engine Optimization Memphis

Search Engine Optimization is the rage today as it should be and this is why I created this blog and named it Search Engine Optimization Memphis. I'm local and have lived in Memphis all of my life and know there are people and businesses here that can benefit from a source that provides relevant information about Search Engine Optimization in Memphis. Billions of dollars are earned and spent every year on and for Internet advertising. People and businesses with monetized websites understand how important being listed on the SERP's(Search Engine Results Page) can be to the bottom line and most importantly, the first page of the SERP's. The difference between being listed on the first page of Google and the second page is comparable to the difference between a penny and a $1000 bill. The fact is, Internet browsers and searchers seldom go further than the first page of Google and we have Google to thank for this.

Google prides itself on delivering a product that provides the freshest and most up to date information to it's end users, you and I, and they go to great lengths to constantly improve their algorithm to deliver this information. This is good for people that are using Google to find what they are looking for but bad for the business that has a wonderful product or widget to offer to the public, but are unable to get listed on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting on the first page of Google. Without proper SEO, your website or blog is doomed to being seen by only you or the people you pay to send there by various other forms of advertisement. You will never receive organic search traffic unless you apply proper search engine optimization.

The good news is that Search Engine Optimization is part art and part science and can be done for very little cost if any, depending on if you do it yourself or pay someone to do SEO for you. SEO is not like computer repair or website design where you spend a few days working or designing and then you are done, although design of your site does have some aspects that lend itself to proper SEO which I will cover in later post. Most SEO comes from what is called off page optimization. Sure keywords are important and content on your website is very important to Google, but ranking high on Google is a process that takes time and effort with application of off page procedures that are both time consuming and necessary if you are to maintain a 1st page listing in the SERP's.

These procedures can be done by any business owner with a website if they have the time and this is where the business owner runs into a very common problem, time management. Trying to run a business and having the time to do Search Engine Optimization usually ends in frustration for the business owner. If the business owner has deep pockets, it isn't a problem to get listed on the first page of Google providing you have the money to pay high page rank sites to link back to your site. But this avenue will eventually close since the word in the SEO community is that the mighty "G" (Google) is beginning to frown on paid links and may soon penalize websites that have paid links. Another problem is relevancy. In a perfect world, you would want a link from a high page rank site that is in the same sector or niche that your business is in to show Google how important or relevant your website is within the niche or sector. Google loves relevant content for the search words put in by surfers and browsers. The problem is, some of these high page rank websites are unwilling to share their link juice with you even if you offer to pay them since you are in direct competition with them. Catch 22!

There is a way to do proper search engine optimization and do it correctly. It just takes time although there are many variables including how competitive the niche or sector may be. In later post I will discuss ways to improve your search engine rankings with procedures that can be implemented for free and will only cost you time. I plan on updating this blog at least three times a week if not more so come along and let's learn about search engine optimization Memphis.

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