The Power Of Search Engine Marketing Memphis

Over the course of the last few months I’ve been conducting a bit of research on websites to determine the current level of search engine marketing Memphis websites have or…lack thereof. If you’ve been reading my blog, I recently wrote an article about local Memphis used cars dealerships and how easy it would be for a savvy dealer to come in and rank number one for all of the keywords associated with the used car market here in the Mid-South.

One thing that I have discovered locally, is that most websites in various different markets could be better optimized for organic traffic in the search engine marketing Memphis area. There are many different niches here in Memphis that are failing in reaching the people that search for everyday goods and services in Memphis. If you’re a local business owner and you haven’t optimized your website for organic traffic, you are letting customers and money pass through your fingers.

I’m not being hard on local business owners, rather I’m trying to give them a wake up call to the power of search engine marketing in Memphis. Actually the blame should not be placed on them. Most business owners are experts in their chosen field and know very little about web design and even less about search engine optimization. Many believe hiring a web design company to build a e-commerce or informational site to showcase products and service will somehow magically bring in customers. It won’t!

Unfortunately, many web design companies know very little about search engine optimization. Web design and search engine optimization are two completely different fields with one focusing primarily in on-page optimization and the other with
off-page optimization. Of course proper SEO starts even before a website is ever built and the website should be built with SEO in mind, including proper keyword research and selection also with relevant content placed on the website. Meta tags should be used with keywords that reflect the search terms that are associated with the market in which the website owner is targeting.

The above is called on-page optimization and is a necessary part of the SEO process, however, off page optimization is where the bulk and emphasis of search engine optimization should be focused. And this is where local websites are failing miserably. I have looked through at least twenty different niches and industries and all of the top 5 positions on Google in each of these industries could easily be replaced by anyone that has a website ranked below them if they were to apply proper SEO.

There are websites in the real estate industry that are 6 or 7 pages deep on Google that could easily outrank and replace the number one position for some of the top keywords related to real estate if proper SEO techniques were implemented. The amount of searches done just on Google last month for real estate related terms in Memphis is a gold mine that is being grossly over-looked. Designing and owning a beautiful website will do nothing to get traffic if proper off-page optimization is not utilize to capture organic search traffic.

This blog is three months old and cost me nothing for hosting. It is a free blogging platform owned by Google called Blogger. I wrote a few articles the first week with properly optimized keywords and left it alone for about 45 days and I’m already starting to outrank some of the web design companies that target the Internet, web design and SEO markets here locally that are years older than my blog. This blog is not fancy, in-fact it’s down right ugly, but it is optimized for search traffic. I received traffic and emails from all parts of the globe asking me for help and how much I would charge to help optimize their websites. Amazingly, this blog is only optimized for search engine marketing Memphis and people half a world away find me within the billions of pages on Google.

Web designers are very good at what they do. Some not all, know very little about Search Engine Optimization. I hate web design( I can do it if I must) and could really care less about it, it’s boring to me, but I love SEO. As I’ve stated before, off page optimization is far more important than on page optimization and requires weeks if not months to rank a website highly in the search engines. This is the difference between web design and SEO. Web design can be done in matter of days or weeks and then it’s done, however if proper SEO is not implemented, no one will see the website from organic searches.

Most people that know little about websites and even less about SEO think they are one in the same. After browsing around the Memphis market for a few weeks, it is clear that search engine marketing Memphis is severely lacking in proper SEO techniques and procedures with most not having a clue about how to get their websites ranked in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page).

Search engine optimization takes work, tedious and boring work. But it must be done if you want your site to rank highly. Fortune 500 companies spend millions each year to be in the first position on Google because they understand the power of the Internet. They also understand that almost everyone will use the Internet first before opening the Yellow Pages to find what they are searching for…if they are below the age of 60. Older folks tend to still use the Yellow Pages because they don’t understand the Internet. However, the Yellow Pages should be on the endangered species list since their days are numbered.

The difference between being on the first page of Google and the second page of Google for a targeted keyword is enormous. Ranking in the number one slot can make you rich if you are in the number one position. Ranking in the number 10 slot on page one of Google will make money and in some cases on page two. Most people rarely go past page two or three since they’ve already found what they are looking for on the first two pages. If you aren't on at least page three, it is doubtful your site will ever receive one vistior from organic search traffic.

This is the power of search engine marketing Memphis, proper SEO!

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